New Illustration: Carousels

Yay! The carousel girls are finally done! Below are preview shots of the five finished illustrations but you can check out the full images in the gallery (as they’re far too wide to fit nicely in my blog frame).

Carousel Illustrations - Preview - ©Dalliann 2015

Working on several other collections right now, ranging from mermaids to a silhouette experiment, but I probably won’t be posting anything else here until September. In the meantime, I’ll be rebuilding my webcomic site and putting the finishing touches on a couple new pages– yes, Sink updates will resume this month! Whoohoo! :)


Up and running…

So… you may have noticed that the site’s been down for awhile (you know, after it was wonky and losing posts for a week or two). The short story is that my account was hacked bad, tech support was baffled, and I had to rebuild the site from scratch. Not exactly how I wanted to spend the first two months of Summer…

But the good news is that they were able to save all my posts dating back to 2011 (though I did lose comments for a few of the most recent entries) and I learned that WordPress is full of security holes that every website owner needs to be aware of and address. If you use WordPress, I highly recommend that you check out WPCop and learn how to protect your own site.

Anyway, I don’t have time right now to rebuild the theme exactly as I’d like so I’m keeping it simple and jumping back into the illustration and design work I’ve fallen behind on– including those carousel horses! They’ll be finished and posted, soon; in the meantime, here’s a sneak-peak of all the lineart together:

I’m so glad to be back and looking forward to catching up with you!


New Illustration: Purple and Pink

Purple and Pink - ©Dalliann 2015

For months, creating an example image for my commission rates has been on my to-do list but deciding what that image would be was holding up the process. I sketched and sketched and sketched… and then deleted, deleted, deleted. But a week ago, I was looking for a specific flower reference when I stumbled upon a gorgeous bouquet of pink and purple flowers– and I suddenly knew what colors my illustration would feature. With that settled, the sketch finally materialized!

So, yay, one more thing checked off my list and my Commission Rates are now available, too. :)


Carousels and Birdhouses

Carousel WIP - ©Dalliann 2015

Sneak-peak of the carousel series! There will be five in total; they’ve all been sketched and are now in the inking stage with colors soon to follow. I’m having so much fun with the designs and can’t wait to share more of them here!

I also pulled out my pyrography tools over the weekend to decorate a cedar birdhouse for my grandma (who doesn’t know how to use the internet so I’m fairly certain this won’t spoil the surprise for Mother’s Day… ^^’). Had a few slips with the tool (I’m so out of practice) but overall I think it turned out nicely. The seller advertised that this house attracts bluebirds; I’m hoping that’s true ’cause all her other birdhouses just seem to attract squirrels. 😉

Woodburned Birdhouse - ©Dalliann 2015

What projects are you working on?


New Illustration: Callalily Contemplation

Callalily Contemplation - ©Dalliann 2015

This final redux (at least for now) is a revamped version of the oldest piece in my gallery, The Callalily Fairy. I have tried redrawing it several times before but never got further than the sketch stage– until this last attempt. You know those days when you’re just on and you can’t figure out what you did to reach that state (so you can learn from it and do it again)? This illustration began on one of those days. The sketch seemed to come out of nowhere and I finished the inks and flats before I went to bed that night; it was lovely!

But maybe I should have stayed awake ’til I finished the whole piece… ’cause I lost the mojo and it took another week to shade and tweak the rest of it. 😉

In any case, I’m pretty happy with it. The old fairy was so stiff and had no ‘weight’ to her pose; the new one drapes nicely. I also simplified the background a bit and like it better. The only thing I’m not as happy with is her hair– I thought it looked fine in the sketch and ink stages but once it was colored, it was just ‘blah’ for me. The old one was a bit more angular and had a random-knot pattern in the braid, more interesting than this neat and prim style; I kind of wish I’d remained truer to the original in that respect.

Here’s a comparison between the old and new versions:

Callalily Fairy Redux - ©Dalliann 2015


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