New Illustration: Autumn

Autumn - ©Dalliann 2016

I was planning to share some work-in-progress posts of the four seasons illustrations I started late last year but this month’s to-do list has been so full that I couldn’t even find the time to edit the WIP screen-shots, much less post them here… But they’re all finally finished and hanging in the gallery— so go check them out. :)

I’m posting Autumn here because she’s my favorite of the group. Sometimes when I work on a series of illustrations, the one that I start out liking best turns out to be the one I like least when they’re all done. But this one has remained on top throughout the whole process (probably because I am biased toward that season, anyway)…

I’ll likely be absent another couple weeks because I have a few more projects to finish up– but after that, I’ve got a bunch of sketches and some new Sink artwork to share. Check back soon! ^_^


Feeling the new…

Happy 2016! I love January 1st more than any other day of the year. Even though it doesn’t make a lot of sense– I mean, I know it’s just a man-made date on the calendar– I always feel refreshed and energized and new on this day. An entire year lies ahead, full of opportunity! It’s exciting!

And I want to share a few things that I’m currently excited about:

Enchanted Visions Project – Originally started by fantasy artists Amy Brown and Jessica Galbreth, this group issues art challenges with a new theme each month. I’ve really missed participating in challenges like this and it’s a great way to meet other creative, inspiring people.

Business of Illustration – This is a blog run by Neil Swaab, a professional artist who wears many hats and provides advice to other artists who are trying to establish or improve their creative careers. I can’t remember exactly how I stumbled across this site but I’m glad I did! Each post I’ve read has been motivating, prompting me to scrutinize my own business and production practices and start thinking about how to make them more effective. I foresee this becoming one of my go-to resources.

Scattered Squirrel – I’m kind of obsessed with organization blogs and this is a fun one– especially if you like printables! For the last couple years I’ve been designing and printing my own day-planner pages and I think having a system tailored to my own management style has really helped my productivity. This blog provides ideas for planning your own custom pages as well as lots of free, ready-to-print designs for all types of agenda books. If one of your 2016 resolutions is to become more organized, start here!

So those are a few of the things currently fueling my enthusiasm for days to come. What are you excited about this year? :)


A slow December…

I had big art plans for this month– I was going to finish and post all four Seasons illustrations, get a couple pages done for Sink, and do a bit of sketching for some upcoming projects.

But only a few days into December, I caught the worst cold I’ve had in years (in fact, I’m almost sure it is some type of plague or engineered biological weapon… not to be over-dramatic or anything). I missed a full week of work at my day-job and my only activities at home have been sleeping, coughing, and trying in vain to breathe through my nose without passing out. Illustration has received zero percent of my time. Not how I wanted to end the year.

However, I was looking for a couple of winter-themed pieces I completed last year and realized that I never posted them on my site. So below are two new-to-you illustrations (assuming you haven’t seen them in my ALI gallery or received one as a Christmas card last year).

I hope you’re all enjoying the holidays (and doing your best to avoid people with coughs/plagues). Merry Christmas! See you in the New Year! :)


WIP: Autumn

Here’s a sneak-peak at the next project I’m working on… seasonal emblems, I guess? There are four in the set (of course) but this is the only completed lineart, so far. Had to do Autumn, first– ’cause it’s my favorite season and I totally lack the ability to delay gratification. ~_^

Anyway, probably won’t have this group finished ’til December but I’ll post a few more WIPs as they near completion.


New Illustration: Jellyfish

So, when I anticipate that a particular lineart is going to give me trouble in the coloring stages, I usually move it to the very back of my to-do list– and then, nine times out of ten, when I finally get around to working on it, the process goes amazingly fast and hassle-free and I kick myself for not having tackled it sooner.

However, this piece was that one-in-ten monster; difficult from the moment I started laying flats. I wanted the jellyfish to be semi-transparent but that didn’t work out for a myriad of reasons. Also, I had originally planned on a pinkish-purple palette but I couldn’t make it look anything but muddy. And I shaded and re-shaded this thing several times before I was even close to content with it.

But it’s done— and I’m actually happy with it. 😀

That’s all the mermaids for awhile. Currently working on some seasonal art that I’m really excited to share; will probably have a lineart sneak-peak up next week…


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