New Illustration: Autumn Woodland Fox

Sorry for the delay; I have too many projects going right now and I feel like I’m right dab in the middle of each of them… But here’s a completed piece– the last in the trio! They’re done! đŸ˜€

I really enjoyed working in this simplified style but it actually takes longer than my normal style because I have to consciously choose to eliminate lines and details that I would normally include. But practice will make it faster– got a few sketches for some winter-themed illustrations in the works so those will be good projects to continue experimenting with. đŸ˜€

More soon!


New Illustration: Autumn Woodland Deer

Here’s part of two of three in the Autumn Woodland Trio set. This one is actually my favorite. There’s a sweetness about her and the colors turned out exactly as envisioned. Most important, though, is the fact that it features pumpkins; pumpkins are the best!

If I was an animal, I’d like to think I’d be something sleek and high on the food chain– a cougar or bear or an owl at the very least– but I’d probably wind up as a deer. Shy, easily startled, and frozen in shock during emergency situations– that’s totally me! Maybe that’s the real reason I have a soft-spot for this one… ~_^

One more left– any guesses as to what kind of critter? đŸ™‚


New Illustration: Autumn Woodland Bunny

Here’s the first in a set of three woodland cuties! ^_^

When I was growing up, I filled sketchbook after sketchbook with animal doodles. I was obsessed with Lisa Frank’s Ballerina Bunnies and Disney’s TaleSpin so most of my work tended to be anthropomorphic cats, dogs, and bears (usually in princess costumes ’cause I still wasn’t over Lady Lovely Locks). But when The Lion King came out, my tastes shifted to a more realistic style and I kind of turned my nose up at animals wearing clothes…

Then I saw Zootopia earlier this year (amazing film!) and all my childhood memories of Talespin and Robin Hood and Adventures of the Gummi Bears came rushing back– and I had the overwhelming urge to draw fuzzy creatures in Mori-style dresses! Looking at this finished piece makes me smile because it feels like a perfect meshing of the things that inspired me as a kid and the art stylings I’ve cultivated as an adult. I love when things come full circle like that. đŸ˜€

What memories from your childhood inspire your work today?


New Illustration: Dandelion Field

Here’s another one that’s been lingering on my desktop for months. I kept putting it off because I loved the lineart and was so worried I’d ruin it in the coloring stage…

And then I stumbled upon an amazing band of three sisters from the Pacific Northwest– Joseph. Their music is wonderfully unique and after hearing “White Flag” just once, I was hit with inspiration and motivation; I opened my lineart file and set to work. I’ve been looping their songs for days and am still marveling at the boost their particular sound has on my imagination and energy levels. Everybody needs an encouraging anthem! Check them out:

What about you? Any special songs currently inspiring your work? Share your musical suggestions below! đŸ˜€


New Illustration: Strawberry Fairy

She’s finally done! Whoo! I say ‘finally’ not because this one was particularly time-consuming but because the last few months have been so busy and hectic that I haven’t had time to sit down and work on it. But I completed the last two of my scheduled commissions this past week and decided to take a break and dedicate the next couple months to my own projects. The Blueberry and Gooseberry Fairies are still on the way but I’ve been aching to draw animals– so expect some furry critters in the near future! ^_^

In other news, I’m preparing for some pretty big changes that will be happening in or around January. I can’t really discuss the details right now (partly because they’re still very up-in-the-air) but part of that preparation includes an overhaul of my site– not just a new layout but total re-branding. I’m aiming to re-launch by the end of the year and will be cleaning house, deleting material that no longer fits the new direction I’m heading in. So if there’s something here you’re partial to, you may want to save a copy to your desktop just in case it’s on the chopping block…

More news and art coming soon! đŸ™‚


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