Confiding In Lilies - ©Dalliann 2015

If this new pixie seems a bit familiar it’s because she’s an updated version of an old illustration, The Lily Fairy, from 2009. Over the last five years, my drawing and coloring styles have changed a lot and I thought it might be fun to go back and redo a few older pieces.

Here’s a comparison between the two:

Lily Fairy Redux - ©Dalliann 2015

I won’t be doing this with every old illustration in my gallery but I would like to try two or three more. Any suggestions as to which fairy I should update next? ^_^


If any of you have visited my comic site in the last few days, you’ll have noticed it’s disappeared. I have no explanation for this and would very much like one– unfortunately, my hosting support will not return my calls. Lack of timely response has been an ongoing issue with them for the last couple years and I’ve finally had enough– I’m SO done with them.

This afternoon, I signed up with a new host and, over the next week, will be transferring my site and working with their tech support team to figure out where my comic has gone. I do not anticipate a long down-time for this site but I wanted to give everyone a ‘heads up’ just in case it disappears for a day or two, as well.

All should be operational again, soon. ^_^


Scent of Spring - ©Dalliann 2015

This early Spring in the Pacific Northwest continues to be weird but wonderful! Trees are budding, bulb flowers are blooming, and a flock of birds held a choir rehearsal at five this morning in my backyard. I’m aching to start this year’s veggie garden but am still somewhat suspicious that Winter isn’t quite over and will drop one last freeze on us– you know, right after I plant the seeds. ~_^

So, until I gather up the courage to plant my real garden, I’m sketching fairies in lush, fantasy gardens! No fears of frost there! :D


Berry Bramble - ©Dalliann 2015

We are having some bizarre (but welcome) weather patterns in my neck of the woods– 60 degrees and sunny, in February. This never happens. Usually at this time of year, we’re scraping ice off windshields every morning and carting around snowboots in case of a sudden blizzard. But for the last few weeks, the lawn has been green, everyone’s walking around in light sweatshirts, and there are strawberries popping up in my backyard!

All this unexpected sunshine and greenery put me in the mood to color a fairy– summerlike weather seems to do that. ~_^

How’s the weather where you are?


2011 & 2015 Layouts - ©Dalliann 2015

It’s done! What do you think of the new layout? It’s not as ‘warm’ as the previous one but I’ve been in love with this color scheme for years, just looking for the right opportunity to use it. Those pale beige-greys and bright pops of orangey-red… gorgeous! As soon as the lineart for the header was finished, I knew this was the project I’d been waiting for.

Anyway, in addition to a new layout, I updated the ‘About’ page, fixed a few broken links, enlarged the default Gravatar sizes, revamped the sidebar, and corrected a hundred little behind-the-scenes things that had been driving me nuts since the LAST layout went live (in, like, 2011?). So I’ll probably be good with this design until 2019… ~_^

Actually, I’m experiencing a weird mix of relief and anxiety; relief because I can finally cross this item off my to-do list (yay!) but anxiety because I feel like I’m forgetting something very important and I have no idea what it is… So if anybody notices a gaping hole in the site (or any other glitchiness), please let me know.



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