WIP: Autumn

Here’s a sneak-peak at the next project I’m working on… seasonal emblems, I guess? There are four in the set (of course) but this is the only completed lineart, so far. Had to do Autumn, first– ’cause it’s my favorite season and I totally lack the ability to delay gratification. ~_^

Anyway, probably won’t have this group finished ’til December but I’ll post a few more WIPs as they near completion.


New Illustration: Jellyfish

So, when I anticipate that a particular lineart is going to give me trouble in the coloring stages, I usually move it to the very back of my to-do list– and then, nine times out of ten, when I finally get around to working on it, the process goes amazingly fast and hassle-free and I kick myself for not having tackled it sooner.

However, this piece was that one-in-ten monster; difficult from the moment I started laying flats. I wanted the jellyfish to be semi-transparent but that didn’t work out for a myriad of reasons. Also, I had originally planned on a pinkish-purple palette but I couldn’t make it look anything but muddy. And I shaded and re-shaded this thing several times before I was even close to content with it.

But it’s done— and I’m actually happy with it. 😀

That’s all the mermaids for awhile. Currently working on some seasonal art that I’m really excited to share; will probably have a lineart sneak-peak up next week…


New Illustration: Angelfish

Angelfish - ©Dalliann 2015

It’s almost one in the morning and I have to get up in a few hours to head to the office– but I couldn’t go to sleep ’til I finished this one! I was just too close and it’s so satisfying to mark one more thing off the to-do list…

Anyway, just one left and the trio will be complete! 😀


New Illustration: Starfish

She’s done and I love her! This piece was so much fun to work on, start to finish. Inking was completed in record time, the colors came out just as I was intending (which never happens when orange is involved), and I created a new fish-scale brush that will hopefully speed up some of the detailing on the other two mermaids I’m still working on. Nice start to the week. 😀

Aiming to have her sisters– Angelfish and Jellyfish– posted before the end of the month. Check back soon!


WIP: Starfish

So, you know those mermaids I keep promising? Here’s a sneak-peak!

More than any other piece I’ve completed, Flowers In Her Hair remains my favorite. It was such a different style than I normally work in (influenced in equal parts by Alphonse Mucha and Joshua Middleton) and I loved it. Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to tap into it again…

Until now! Three art nouveau mermaids in exactly the style I was envisioning! Yay! My art rarely turns out as originally intended so I’ve been having a total blast inking these. Should have the final illustrations up in the next week or so. I’m so excited to share this project!

Anybody else enjoying a creative breakthrough? Tell me about it and link your work in the comments! :)


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