My name is Destiny and I am an illustrator, graphic designer, web comic creator, craft-hobbiest, and aspiring farmer (yes, farmer).

More than a little reluctant to grow up, my ideal world consists of dolls, fairytales, tiny cottages, and ridiculously over-ruffled skirts. Unfortunately, real life interferes; bills, jobs, and other responsibilities pull me ever closer to being an actualized adult. But I have an outlet! Drawing allows glimpses of the fantasy life I want, a way to record the world that exists only in my mind (and at Disneyland).

My artwork is generally inspired by fairytales and fantasy lore but I also have a great love for pirates, Vikings, and anything Victorian-gothic. I work mostly in digital (Wacom, Photoshop CS, and PaintTool SAI being my preferred tools) and, though I do not have any formal training, I am continually learning new techniques and improving my skills through observation and practice. While their influences on my work may not always be visible, my artistic idols include Walt Disney, Tim Burton, and Maria Gamiere (most notably her work on Lady Lovely Locks). These artists’ styles vary greatly from each other but their works were a major part of my childhood and remain my everlasting inspirations.

If you have any questions or wish to inquire about commission or licensing terms, please contact me at admin@dalliann.com.

Thank you for visiting!

~Destiny ‘Dalliann’ Lauritsen