February Sketch Dump

February 2017 Sketch Dump - Β©Dalliann 2017

Although February is the shortest month, for some reason it’s feeling twice as long this year… But I suppose a longer-than-average month is actually a good thing, right? More time to get stuff done! ~_^

Between commissions I’ve been working on several personal illustrations and projects– here’s a sneakpeak at a few of them. I’m most excited about the top one which features luna moths and lanterns– and has been circling around my head forever! Can’t wait to get it inked and colored!

More soon!


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  1. Leah says:

    Luna moths and lanterns! Two of my favorite things! I see you’re going with the Alphonse Mucha style again, so I can just imagine how pretty that one will be when it’s finished. The girl with the short hair is adorable, love her knees! Such cute little legs. ^_^ Also, the girl with the updo hairstyle, has such a wonderfully snooty expression, drawing expressions is so much fun. XD

    Now that you mention it, February does seem to be stretching on a bit too long if you ask me, in my opinion March can’t come soon enough. Spring is almost here! πŸ˜€

    • Thank you, Leah! Yes, it’s going to lean heavily on art nouveau stylings. I’m currently working on a commission that features a background of stunning cobalt blue– a color I haven’t done much with previously– and I’ve been itching to experiment with that palette more. So, while looking up reference images for something else, I stumbled upon a photo of a luna moth against a deep blue night sky and was instantly inspired; can’t wait to color this one but I’m only halfway done inking it… ~_^

      I’m so glad her snootiness is apparent; that’s Farleigh and she’s a pill. I can’t talk too much about that project, yet, but she and a few other characters will have model sheets posted here soon and the full story behind them will be revealed a little closer to summer. So excited to share this one!

      And, yes– Spring feels so close now! The two feet of snow we had in the backyard melted last week under a deluge of rain and iris shoots are already popping up! *squee* We’re almost there, Leah! πŸ˜€

  2. Leah says:

    You’re welcome! ^_^ Have fun creating all that art, can’t wait to see your updates. πŸ˜€

    Yes, indeed! Looking forward to Spring, our snowdrops are already blooming, and our crocuses and daffodils aren’t far behind. Seeing specks of color out in the garden will be such a relief, especially after experiencing such a long dark winter. Oh, and our wee tree frogs are already croaking, such a jolly sound that is. β™₯ Wahay!

    • Awwww– tree frogs?! How cute! We get giant, round toads in the Summer (which I love– they’re so cranky looking!) but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tree frog here before; our climate is probably just too cold…

      Next time I’m up at Multnomah Falls, that’ll be my goal– to have a tree frog encounter! πŸ™‚

      • Leah says:

        http://www.dfw.state.or.us/conservationstrategy/frogs.asp << Has plenty of info, to help you along with your frog hunting adventures. ~_^ We get salamanders too, see them frequently, throughout the year.

        Ooh, Multnomah Falls!!! I love that place so much, it's magical. Especially in Winter when it freezes over, reminds me so much of Narnia. XD

        • Salamanders, too?! Yep, I definitely want to go trekking through some Pacific rainforests! We have lots of lizards but they’re all the desert varieties– mostly blue bellies (what a shame to be so beautifully colored but on a place where nobody gets to see it unless they flip you on your back ~_^).

          Multnomah Falls is one of my favorite places in the world, as close as you can get to a fairytale– I totally get why they film Grimm in that area! My dad used to take us on business trips with him to Portland pretty frequently and we always stopped at the Falls but I’ve never been there in winter– I can only imagine how gorgeous that must be!

  3. Leah says:

    Yep, salamander too, and if the conditions are just right, we even get Praying Mantises! Right in our own backyard, literally. However, those are extremely hard to find. <3 Ah, nature, I love it! And those blue bellied lizards are adorable! I love lizards… XD

    Yes, it's mainly the reason I like living in the Northwest, mild climate, beautiful diverse nature and geology, so much to see and explore, I wouldn't trade it for any other place in the whole world. ^_^ If you're an Oregon nature fan, I highly recommend checking out Oregon Field Guide…shows off the beauty of the state in a half hour show. http://watch.opb.org/show/oregon-field-guide/

    Grimm is fun, I've caught a few of the episodes on TV. It's always neat to be able to recognize different spots, I know so well, around the city. πŸ˜€ Portland, is fast becoming a mini Hollywood. lol

    • Praying mantises are awesome but my favorite insects are walking leaves— ’cause if impossible-looking leaf bugs exist, maybe fairies do, too! ~_^

      Thanks for the nature show suggestion; I watch something similar on local TV but it’s almost all about southern Idaho (desert) whereas I’m more interested in our northern lakes and rivers and forests. I think I’ll enjoy the Oregon series much more. πŸ™‚

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