New Illustration: Luna Moths & Lanterns

Luna Moths & Lanterns - ©Dalliann 2017

Recognize this one from the partial sketch I posted last month? The reason I only included her head in that preview is that I was never completely satisfied with the composition and kept changing it. Normally, by the time I get to inks, the layout is pretty well defined and I fly through the lineart stage. But with this one, I was getting impatient and decided to ink only the parts I was happy with (just her, really) and figured by the time I was done with that, the rest would come together.

Yeah… it didn’t work quite that smoothly. I think this piece sat on my desktop for almost two weeks before all the other elements (border, bottles, and moths) finally started to mesh well.

However, for as much trouble as the lineart gave me, the colors were finished in just over a day and came out almost exactly as I’d been envisioning them! Also experimented with painting in the translucent details under her gauzy veil; normally I would have conveyed those details with low-opacity lineart but I wanted a softer look for this one and I think it turned out pretty nicely. 🙂

Working on a few other things right now including some original paperdoll designs and also a few character model sheets for a big project I can’t wait to share here (more will be revealed around late May or early June– so excited!). I’ll post some WIPs later this month as they get a little closer to completion. Check back soon!


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5 Responses to New Illustration: Luna Moths & Lanterns

  1. Leah says:

    This is absolute perfection, love the color palette (orange & turquoise). <3 Your idea to hang bottles and have flowers and petals in them (little treasures) is clever! Also really like the way you added the glow of fireflies in the background. Makes me long for warm summer nights even more! So sweet and glowy! ^_^

    • Thank you, Leah! *^_^*

      My thinking behind the bottled flowers is that (in my made up world) the blooms attract fireflies and their light attracts moths. A non-electric garden-a-glow! 😀

  2. Leah says:

    You’re most welcome! (big hugs) 😀

  3. Hel says:

    Such a gorgeous design and execution!
    I love your style and this picture in particular really speaks to me.

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