Kickstarter: ReFloristation Board Game

Kickstarter for ReFloristation Board Game

Sorry for the long period between posts– but now I get to share one of the projects I’ve been working on in that time! Spiral Galaxy Games hired me to create the artwork for their newest game, ReFloristation, which launched on Kickstarter today! So exciting!

ReFloristation Sample Cards

There’s a great video on the Kickstarter page that explains the rules of gameplay but the basic idea is that players are rival florists, competing for flower orders and trying to make their shop the most successful. If you like strategy games, you’ll love this one!

Also, check out the “Head In The Game” pledge tier for an opportunity to be part of the game; up to twenty people will be caricatured for the staff cards, appearing as employees in a florist shop. I can’t wait to start creating these cards– fun! ^_^

Check out the ReFloristation Kickstarter for more information!


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