New Illustration: A Magical Day In Grandpa’s Garden

A Magical Day In Grandpa's Garden - ©Dalliann 2017

Last year, I was commissioned to create a cover illustration for the first book in The Magical Garden Series by Miss Felicity Meadowsweet.  The book, which is about a brother and sister getting to know the fairies that live in their grandfather’s garden, was officially published today on Smashwords!

Although I’ve completed artwork for several book projects previously, this is the first one that’s actually gone to press– it’s so exciting to see the finished product! Congratulations, Felicity!

If you’re looking for a light-fantasy tale for young children, check it out! 🙂


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New Illustration: The Golden Eggs

The Golden Eggs - ©Dalliann 2017

So… can you tell I’m really into yellow at the moment?

One of the projects I’m planning to tackle later this year is an illustrated collection of fairytales (featuring retellings of original stories and brand new ones) that will initially be released as an e-book. This illustration is sort of a practice piece for that project, mostly to help work out the visual style I’m aiming for.

And, yes, I know that goose eggs aren’t really that big– but they’re not really made of gold, either, so I think we can leave it at that. ~_^

For the book, I’ll likely be including “Bluebeard,” “The Twelve Dancing Princesses,” and “Rapunzel” as they’re my favorite fairytales– but I’m also looking for suggestions. What are your favorite fairytales and folktales?


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New Illustration: A Fairy Lives In Every Garden

A Fairy Lives In Every Garden - ©Dalliann 2017

Even though I usually enjoy Winter, this year has been particularly cold and the snowiest since I was a toddler. I am SO over shoveling the driveway– and it’s only January, this could go on ’til May!

So I’m using color as a coping method and painting everything in Spring and Summer tones. I expect this to continue until I can feel my toes again…

I’ve also been wanting to try out some digital watercolor techniques and found this awesome brush-set from Brusheezy, which I used for the background. Will definitely be playing around more with these over the next few weeks– so many great textures!


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